1 November 2017

Productivity in Woking recognised in a national report

Productivity in Woking recognised in a national report

Woking 10th most productive town/city in the country

Data from a new study produced by the innovation foundation Nesta and the IT company Sage, suggests entrepreneurs Woking are among some of the most productive in the country.

The study shows that productivity is highest in the South of England, with London taking the top three spots in the rankings. At number one, the average SME worker in the City of London accounts for turnover of £1.45m a year, 25.7 times’ as much as his or her counterpart in the West of Somerset, the bottom-placed location, where the equivalent figure is only £56,500.

Generally speaking, locations in London and the South East were more productive than those in the North of England and Scotland.

The figure below represents the average SME worker accounting for turnover of £x per year. The most productive areas of the UK for SMEs…

1. City of London (£1.45m)

2. Lambeth (£1.06 m)

3 Westminster (£684,000)

4. Fylde (£603,000)

5. South Derbyshire (£354,000)

6. Watford (£349,000)

7. Slough (£293,000)

8. Tonbridge and Malling (£288,000)

9. Southwark (£280,000)

10. Woking (£274,000)

Mark Warner owner of Headline added his thoughts: "Our business has been in Woking for 30 years. Without doubt in the last five years, you can sense the growing entrepreneurial spirit here. A lot is being led by the town regeneration. It's attracting investment from large businesses and start-ups. It's great to be a part of such a positive business area and this report backs up what many of us that have worked here for a long time think".

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