Print Finishing

Whatever size the project, we offer a range of print finishing options to ensure that the final product is always of the best possible quality.


The professional way to present your multi-page documents, our binding options include:

  • Wiro binding (up to 30mm thick)
  • Plastic comb binding
  • Perfect binding (approx. minimum 40 pages)

Booklet Making

If you need a document making into a booklet we can help. We can collate sheets and cover, fold, staple and trim the edge to create a great looking book.

Die Cutting

Die cutting is used for creating shapes or slits in printed items. For example if you wish to create a circular invite or innovative mailing piece, then you will need to have your finished piece die cut.


We offer a range of folding options for leaflets and letters, achieved either by machine folding or hand folding, meaning we can offer both large volume folding and smaller more intricate folding jobs.


We can laminate all kinds of papers and boards depending on your requirements. There are many different laminates available including the standard matt and gloss, and also special effects. Encapsulation is where the document has plastic on both sides and leaves a plastic seal over the edge of the paper.


Numbering your documents is essential if you keep documentation for reference. We also keep a track of what the last number range is for you, so you can easily reorder the job without having to worry about the last number on your printed item.


Padding is ideal for many types of stationery, such as order forms and invoices. Usually we pad in 50's, however this is a bespoke service so whatever your requirement we can help.


Perforating is ideal if you wish to create something which will easily tear and is useful for a range of printed material such as order pads, receipt pads and raffle tickets.